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Stunning honeymoon photo session

As soon as their wedding was celebrated, Dakota and Mike went on their honeymoon across Europe. Their last stop was Paris. It was impossible for them to imagine not completing this journey without going through the City of Light.

The photo shoot could have started badly as the rain was there. Luckily rain is often an ally for it magnifies photos. It makes the floors shiny and the light very bright.

All this is actually possible only if it does not rain cats and dogs!

Since we could not start the shoot before noon, we moved away from the Trocadéro crowd to go under the Alma bridge on the banks of the Seine.There, we were quiet, and I was happy to make them strike the pose.

Then, as the end of the day was there, we had a small stop on the Place de la Concorde and its 2 famous fountains.

To end this session with style, Mike decided to open a bottle of champagne. Standing high, Mike blowed the champagne cork and a magnificent sheaf of champagne gushed out into the Parisian sky. As you can see the effect is guaranteed

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