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Beautiful Kristia

When a famous American photographer (and also former model) asks you to be her photographer, you must admit that you’ve got some pressure.

Kristia wants to enjoy her coming to Paris with a solo photo session. No doubt about her past as a model, she knows how to take poses in a very professional way.

Early in the morning the Trocadero is not crowded yet and the light is still soft.

The opportunity is perfect to test my new Profoto B10 flash. An extremely powerful flash that allows you to work as you were in a studio without any constraint (no generator).

Both agile and motivated, Kristia doesn’t hesitate for a second to climb on the golden statues of the place and run barefoot. The scene reminds me of Fellini's Dolce Vita. The photo shoot then turns into a real fashion session, and I am delighted!.

Just next to the famous esplanade is the Trocadero café. Installed on the terrace, Kristia strikes the pose. The coffee boys and some passers-by are watching from afar.

Next destination is the Alexander III Bridge. Most people take pictures on the bridge, and after taking several pictures I propose to Kristia to finish the session under the bridge. From there the viewpoint is spectacular, revealing cast iron beams. A real movie set with the Eiffel Tower on the horizon.

Kristia on Alexander III bridge

Solo photo session at the Trocadero


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