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Real wedding at the Eiffel Tower

Sara and Andrea are Italian and two big fans of Paris.

One year ago, they had an engagement session in Paris when Sara was pregnant. So they naturally called me back so that I could immortalize their wedding celebration right in front of the Eiffel Tower at Trocadero.

One can not imagine a more beautiful perspective than this one.

On a bright and sunny morning in June, here they are all gathered around the newlyweds. As tradition dictates, the bride arrives at her father's arm by descending the famous Trocadero steps. Downstairs await the very excited fifty guests.

Their little girl throws herself into the arms of her mother transformed into a princess. She will be in the front row to see her parents pass the ring on their fingers.

After an exchange of moving vows and a few tears, the celebrant can finally formalize their union, under the patronage of the "Iron Lady" (in French in the text?).

Tradition is tradition : it’s time for the bride to throw her bouquet. Big surprise : it is actually caught in mid-flight by a guest, a man out of nowhere !

If you dream of getting married in front of the Eiffel Tower, contact me. I will give you precious advice to make your ceremony unforgettable.


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