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The best way to do a proposal in Paris.

Choosing a photographer that is discreet and professional will ensure that the excitement and emotions of that special moment are captured and you can cherish them forever.

Together we will determine how you prefer to proceed for your proposal. There are 2 possibilities:

  • Either during a photo session: you make your proposal when you feel the moment is right

  • Either in a spontaneous manner: in this case I will work in the way a paparazzi does. Only you will know that I will be taking photos. Immediately following, we can continue with an engagement shoot for however long you wish.


To avoid being bothered by people around, I favor morning sessions. However I will adapt to your choice of times and your constraints. 

I can help you plan the details of your surprise proposal and offer expert tips on idyllic locations

Whether you decide to do it in front of the Eiffel Tower or on the Alexandre III Bridge, I will be there, both close to you and sufficiently discreet to capture the moment forever.





Paris marriage proposal.jpg

My 6 tips for a successful marriage proposal

1/ Don’t say « I do! » in any outfit

Although your special someone doesn’t know that she is going to be photographed, it is important that she wears an adequate outfit, something that is photogenic!

Who imagines receiving their engagement ring in sportswear or a big puffy jacket if it is winter? I’m sure you will agree that is not very photogenic.

You can prepare for this by saying you want to try out a chic restaurant while you are in Paris. Then on the day, you can pretext a romantic stroll or a cruise on the Seine followed by the chic restaurant, so that your loved one can wear her/his best outfit. You will avoid suspicion and the surprise will only be greater!

For yourself, think of putting a beautiful chic coat or jacket in your suitcase that you will bring out on the big day!

If you forget to bring one, you can always find one in one of the department stores (like les Galeries Lafayette) ; Paris is the ideal place to find one.

man proposes in front of the eiffel towe

2/ Ring and shopping bags do not mix well

Indeed who wants to share his engagement photos on social media if they are covered with shopping bags? Before going to the meeting spot, be sure to get rid of everything that is superfluous and that could harm the romanticism of the situation. Leave bottles of water, backpack and other accessories ... at the hotel. The photo will only be better for it.

3/ Look around

Caught in the moment you throw your knee to the ground and propose. Only you didn’t notice a group of tourists rushing straight towards you. At best they will stop around you to take your photo "so cuuuute" (not great for intimacy!). At worst they will ignore you and pass between you and my photo lens.

Ideally the proposal should be made in a serene and intimate space. This can be difficult in popular tourist spots like the Trocadéro. But trust your photographer because he knows places less crowded but just as spectacular (and always with a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower)

Paris proposal 14.jpg
Paris proposal 5.jpg

4/ the light in her eyes… and in the sky

To get a beautiful photo you need above all to have a beautiful light, this is essential.

It can come from the sun but also from artificial lighting (flash or street lighting).

Although it is possible to work in almost all weather conditions (I have already photographed a proposal during a downpour - remember Hugh Grant in My Best Friend's Wedding) it is still better to do the photo shoot in the best conditions.

In order to benefit from a soft light, I advise starting at sunrise (or failing that, in the morning). Thus you benefit from a soft and diffused light and at the same time you will avoid the crowds.

Surprise proposal in paris by night.jpg

5/ Let's keep in touch

When it comes to a surprise proposal it is essential for us to be able to keep in touch before the shoot as there can sometimes be some surprises (traffic, temporarily inaccessible place ...).

WhatsApp will be our way of communication to plan the most appropriate time for your proposal and for you to let me know the precise moment you want me to be there!

6/ More than a photo shoot in Paris

If the conditions are difficult (schedules, crowd, place where I cannot hide), it is sometimes better to let your loved one know from the start that you have planned a photo shoot in Paris.

This has several advantages

- You are less stressed because we will have seen each other before. In general we will have agreed on a signal which will give you the green light to make your proposal.

- There will be fewer risks to manage: you will be able to make your proposal in better conditions. We can choose the setting; make sure we won’t be disturbed...

- Knowing that she/he will be photographed, your loved one will choose her/his favorite outfit and will be prepared for the occasion.

The proposal will still be a surprise for your loved one but you will have the best conditions to obtain THE unforgettable photo of your engagement in Paris.

Paris surprise proposal.jpg

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