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Lovely couple in Paris

For their first trip to Paris, this lovely couple from New York dressed up for the occasion. Jessica wore an electric blue dress, while Kyle opted for a shirt and suit. Colorful outfits are often preferable when the weather is gloomy, as is frequently the case in Paris.

Not accustomed to photo sessions (like many couples eager for a photoshoot), I put them at ease by suggesting various poses.

Knowing how to pose is akin to knowing how to dance; one must understand where to place a hand, how to position the head, and where to put the legs. This demands experience. That's precisely why it's better to enlist the services of a photographer with experience. Only they can truly highlight your best features.

Nevertheless, this doesn't rule out capturing moments taken more spontaneously and naturally. Often, I simply ask the couple to run—whether it's in front of the Trocadero or through a group of pigeons taking flight. A guaranteed success!


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